Health & Fitness

6 Tips for Dominating Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are all about the details. READ MORE


The Return of the Seals

Gray seals might look cute. But their skyrocketing numbers and boundless appetite for fish are making them Public Enemy No. 1 among Chatham’s fishermen. READ MORE

Outdoor Adventure

Tall Fail: Losing to Katahdin

Mount Katahdin stands 5,267 feet high. It’s the highest point in Maine, but it’s no K2. So why does it break hikers’ hearts and keep rangers busy saving people? A group of hikers found out the hard way . . . twice. READ MORE


Great Grains

For nearly 30 years, Ross Gannon and Nat Benjamin have carved out a fine reputation with their wooden boats. READ MORE

Outdoor Adventure

Spit Happens (on Mount Chocorua)

New Hampshire’s Mount Chocorua draws a crowd. A big crowd. But with awesome views from its summit and a couple of scenic waterfalls along the way, there’s a reason it is so popular. Just watch out for loogies. READ MORE


Capital Investment

Once seldom visited by boaters, Providence, Rhode Island, is transforming itself into a city worth discovering at the head of Narragansett Bay. READ MORE


Life on Cape Takes Shape

Surfers from Hawaii to Costa Rica consider Shawn Vecchione one of the best surfboard makers around. So what’s he doing living on Cape Cod? READ MORE


Food and Beer: A Love Story

Craft brewing has elevated the status of beer, even to the point where it is invading wine’s territory and accompanying good meals. READ MORE


Falmouth’s Shining Star

Stretching through some of the most beautiful scenery on Cape Cod, the Shining Sea Bikeway is a beloved mode of transportation and fun in Falmouth. READ MORE


River Renaissance

Once reviled as a polluted mess, the Connecticut River in western Massachusetts is now beloved by boaters. READ MORE

Health & Fitness

Approach Health and Fitness Like a Video Game (Really)

I know, video games and fitness usually don’t go together. But hear me out… READ MORE

Outdoor Adventure

Water Country

Ever-changing tidal currents and riverbanks teeming with wildlife make the scenic North River a kayaker’s dream destination. READ MORE


Feeling the Heat in Woods Hole

During a heat wave last summer, the author sought refugein Woods Hole, Massachusetts, a place where scientists, beautiful scenery and a tiny village combine to create a wonderful destination. READ MORE


Plymouth Pilgrimage

Nearly 400 years after the Pilgrims settled here, visitors are still discovering the charm of Plymouth, Massachusetts. READ MORE