The Mass Appeal of Whaler’s 345 Conquest

Often, to be really good in one area, you have to sacrifice in other areas. A student who is brilliant in science might be weaker in history. An athlete who is strong might lack speed or endurance. In boating, a great fishing boat will often fall short when it comes to cruising amenities and comfort.

But, occasionally, there is that someone or something that excels across the board and becomes a true superstar in their field. In boating, Boston Whaler’s 345 Conquest is just that kind of versatile superstar. It’s a serious offshore fishing boat. But to call the 345 Conquest simply a “fishing boat” would be a disservice. With its intelligent design and exceptionally comfortable, luxurious layout, the 345 Conquest excels at cruising and entertaining in the same way it does chasing down offshore prey. With its ability to satisfy such a wide range of boaters, it’s no wonder the 345 Conquest has such broad appeal.

Boating experts have heaped praise upon this Boston Whaler standout. ( described it as “full of delightful, innovative surprises.” And Salt Water Sportsman ( said the 345 Conquest is “a great choice for serious fishing, hassle-free operation and luxurious comfort.”

This attractive vessel is designed to handle most offshore conditions, so its owners don’t have to head for shore at the first sign of rough seas. And its innovative Mercury Joystick Piloting provides captains with unparalleled control, allowing for effortless docking and precision maneuvering. 

Set up for serious offshore fishing, the 345 Conquest features a bait-prep station, mounted stainless steel rod holders, and a 40-gallon livewell. Its spacious layout allows for exceptional fishability. And the helm area is setup for maximum comfort, with a generous rear-facing companion seat, reversible aft seat, skylights, a well-equipped food prep station and more.

With customizable storage, boaters have plenty of room in the cabin for gear and goodies. A sophisticated galley and a dining table that seats six adults ensures you can prepare food and dine in comfort. And while you sleep on the queen-sized bed during a relaxing cruise, you might even forget the 345 Conquest is also a fishing a boat.

To learn more about the Boston Whaler 345 Conquest, contact your local New England Boston Whaler dealer.