Feature Articles

Dan has been published in such magazines as Backpacker, Adirondack Life, Cape Cod Magazine, New England Boating, South Shore Living and Cape Cod Life. Check out a few examples of his work here.

FALMOUTH’S SHINING STAR (July 2017, Falmouth Magazine) – Stretching through some of the most beautiful scenery on Cape Cod, the Shining Sea Bikeway is a beloved mode of transportation and fun in Falmouth.

LIFE ON THE CAPE TAKES SHAPE (September 2014, Cape Cod Magazine) – Surfers from Hawaii to Costa Rica consider Shawn Vecchione one of the best surfboard makers around. So what’s he doing living on Cape Cod?

THE RETURN OF THE SEALS (May 2014, Chatham Magazine) – Gray seals might look cute. But their skyrocketing numbers and boundless appetite for fish are making them Public Enemy No. 1 among Chatham’s fishermen.

FOOD AND BEER: A LOVE STORY (July 2009, South Shore Living) – There was a time, not so long ago, when being a “beer guy” (or gal) had certain negative connotations – namely that you enjoyed drinking cheap swill from a can and were someone for who “fine dining” meant including fries with your greasy burger. How times have changed.

A GUIDE TO CARBO-LOADING (July 2014, Mud & Obstacle) – Good carbo-loading before a race is as important as a good strength and conditioning program.

SPIT HAPPENS (July 2014, Northeast Explorer) – New Hampshire’s Mount Chocorua draws a crowd. A big crowd. But with awesome views from its summit and a couple of scenic waterfalls along the way, there’s a reason it is so popular. Just watch out for loogies.