Duo Set to Tackle “Death Race”

Imagine a race where you’re not sure of the start time, and don’t know when it will end. You only know it will last for days. Days of pain and suffering, where competitors drag giant tractor tires up and down mountains, crawl under barbed wire, cross rivers, chop down trees, and carry wood for miles. A race where organizers aren’t cheering you on and encouraging you to continue; their goal is to make you quit.

Welcome to The Death Race, arguably the most sadistic, grueling challenge on the planet, where perhaps the only thing racers can be sure of is that 9 out of 10 of them will not complete the course.

If you’re wondering what kind of twisted individuals would not only sign up for this race, but pay good money to do it, look no further than Austin’s own Mike Tremblay and Eliot Towb. Tremblay was once a junk-food-loving couch potato. Two years ago, Towb was a guy in his mid-30s drifting toward physical unfitness. Today, after discovering obstacle racing, they’ve both transformed themselves in fitness maniacs taking on the toughest races they can find.

Now they plan to tackle the ultimate challenge in adventure racing. The Death Race will take place in Pittsfield, Vermont, and is scheduled to start in the wee hours of June 27, although organizers have been known to launch a surprise early start on competitors. Those who complete the race don’t receive any cash prize, only a skull — a rare and cherished keepsake given how few people complete the race.

To interview Mike Tremblay and Eliot Towb about their attempt at The Death Race, you can contact Tremblay by phone at 781-726-3088 or by email at mike.w.tremblay@gmail.com, and you can contact Towb by phone at 512-415-3678 or by email at norton2k@gmail.com.

Photos available upon request.