Finding Love in the Boating World

It seems that no matter what your interest, somewhere on the internet is an online dating service geared toward it. Boating and fishing are no different. In fact, the web is home to a number of dating sites for boaters and anglers. If you’re looking for a companion who appreciates the boating life like you do, here are a few of them. 

  • [] – Billing itself as the premier boater dating network, Boater Singles says they bring together singles who all know how good it feels to spend time on the water. If you’re hoping to find someone who loves to fish, canoe, kayak, or speed around on a motor boat, they say you’ll find the boat lover you’re looking for.
  • [] – This free dating and social networking site for boating singles says it is for boaters who are looking for romance, love, friendship, information, emotional support or just to connect with people who share something in common. Users can enjoy boating chat, message boards and email.
  • [] – This free online club is a community of fishing fans who want to find understanding dating partners. They say making a connection on the site allows you to experience the thrill of a catch, the warm conversations and the beauty of the outdoors with someone who feels what you feel. 
  • [] – This free site is a boaters’ dating site and singles community for people who enjoy the open water. 
  • [] – You don’t have to be a sea captain to use this free dating website. It says it is for anyone who “yearns for the ocean breeze.”