Fishing the Trophy Stretch

In the northernmost region of New Hampshire is a place where anglers come from all over the planet to enjoy trophy-class fly fishing.

The “Trophy Stretch,” as it is known, is a stretch of the northernmost section of the Connecticut River that offers anglers some of the very best fly fishing found anywhere in the northeastern United States.

Located just a stone’s throw from Lopstick in Pittsburg, the Trophy Stretch is home to the kind of fishing most people only dream about. The stretch is fly fishing only, and it runs from the First Connecticut Lake dam roughly two-and-half-miles downriver to Lake Francis. Tailwater dams keep the water cold, meaning this stretch of river stays productive and exciting all summer long.

The river is renowned for its rainbow and brook trout fishing, and the action from late May through August is hard to beat anywhere on the East Coast. The river also has landlocked salmon. These salmon are especially active in the cooler months, making them popular targets in early May (around Mother’s Day), and again in late September and early October.

Lopstick is close to the northernmost end of the Trophy Stretch and one of its most productive pools, the Judge and Jury Box. Other popular pools along the stretch include the Bridge Pool, Doc’s Pool, and the Skating Rink. You can grab a map of the Trophy Stretch in the Fly Shop located at the Lopstick office.

Anglers fishing the stretch can park at First Connecticut Lake and work their way down, or at Lake Francis and work their way up. Fishermen will find it’s easy to access most of the Trophy Stretch, with only a few spots requiring a short walk through the woods. As a popular fishery, the paths are well-worn and easy to follow.

To make the best out of fishing the Trophy Stretch, have one of Lopstick’s expert fishing guides show you the best spots and teach you the nuances of fishing this section of river. Besides having experienced guides on hand, Lopstick is also an Orvis-endorsed outfitter, meaning we can provide you with both the know-how and the gear to have a memorable fishing experience.