Offshore Magazine Feeling the Heat in Woods Hole During a heat wave last summer, the author sought refuge in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, a place where scientists, beautiful scenery and a tiny village combine to create a wonderful destination. (Text below) Steve Page steered his 26-foot Duffy powerboat out of GreatContinue Reading

Offshore Magazine Plymouth Pilgrimage Nearly 400 years after the Pilgrims settled here, visitors are still discovering the charm of Plymouth, Massachusetts. (Text below) Facing starboard in my little yellow boat, I adjusted my cap and leaned forward. The tiny wavelets of Plymouth Harbor reflected the white summer sun like aContinue Reading

South Shore Living Water Country Ever-changing tidal currents and riverbanks teeming with wildlife make the scenic North River a kayaker’s dream destination. (Text below) “Sometimes I just make bad decisions.” That thought kept running through my head as I sat in my kayak, propped sideways on rocks, being pushed overContinue Reading

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